Community of Practice Cohorts 

Ampersand believes in the power of collective efforts, and learning is no exception. Community of Practice Cohorts are an opportunity to learn together about pressing issues, focused on a particular topic over a period of 6 virtual sessions.


What is a Community of Practice? 
A Community of Practice (CofP) is a group of people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor. 

Cohorts are geared to white folks working in/with the nonprofit sector to dismantle white dominant culture and centering anti-racism from a foundational level and the position of power and privilege white folks have. With consideration of separate roles and challenges in the nonprofit sector, Cohorts are built to connect different affinity groups. Together, we will engage in guided, collaborative learning in alignment with the charge that white people have been given by BIPOC communities to take responsibility for moving from an embrace of white supremacy towards a place where we can be useful partners for justice.


Is it only open to white people? 

Currently, these cohorts are geared to white people in their positions of power and privilege. Black, Indigenous, and people of color are always welcome, though we don’t ever want to give the impression that the often very frustrating work of organizing white people should be put on BIPOC folks non-voluntarily. Our team will reach out to BIPOC folks interested in this CofP to maximize harm reduction.

*Learn more about the Community of Practice model here.

Time frame: Cohorts meet 6 times, bi-weekly for 1.5 hours. Between each gathering expect about 30 minutes of work.


COST: $300

Fully funding anti-racism work is imperative to the work. If you need support to request funding from your board, please use/edit this letter. No one will be excluded due to an inability to pay. 

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Upcoming Cohorts:

Community of Practice for EDs/CEOs

Summer Session Begins Friday, June 11th

Meets every other Friday through August 20th

10 - 11:30AM

Fall Session Begins Wednesday, September 8th

Meets every other Wednesday through November 17th

11:30AM - 1PM

Community of Practice for Consultants

Summer Session Begins Wednesday, June 16th

Meets every other Wednesday through August 25th

11:30AM - 1PM

Fall Session Begins Friday, September 10th

Meets every other Friday through November 19th

11:30AM - 1PM

Have a group of 4+ people ready to learn together? Contact us to start a tailored Cohort!