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Who we are

Erin Dury

Everything I do is grounded in my personal values: Curiosity, Future Generation Action, and Integrity.

I have dedicated my entire career to the nonprofit sector.  I know the nonprofit sector is a key player in creating real & radical systemic change. AND,  harm is being conducted at the hands of the sector and the people leading it. Both, and. This inspires me to work with and in the sector to ensure we truly live out the values we promote. 

I bring people together in conversation to tackle the questions of how we can do better to serve our communities in ever evolving and changing ways. It is critical that we are always looking outside of the traditional means of problem-solving in order to create sustainable solutions.

In order to see our values come to fruition we must stay nimble and curious. Through anti-racist centered and collective work, we can achieve the visions we hold.

For professional background, please see LinkedIn.


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