Transforming Nonprofits Through Anti-Racist Diligence

Our Focus 

We believe, at their best, nonprofits are keys to unlocking full human potential, from social services to the environment, to the arts, and more. They serve to bring forth the voices, needs, and demands of those who society and history have worked to silence. However, there is much growth and work to be done to fully see this vision for the sector.  

To reach this full impact, we cannot work in a vacuum. The nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors are intricately interconnected.  All organizations, businesses, and government entities thrive when equity is woven into their culture.  Additional views and the sharing of power is and will be the cornerstone to future business success. We recognize the need to work with all three sectors to see the vision of actively engaged & connected spaces that have lasting impact by authentically leading the way toward inclusive communities that uplift social justice. 

Ampersand Community is your one-stop, full-service transformation leader! With the expertise of our staff and network of colleagues, we will walk with you to surface areas within your board or leadership practices, internal culture, human resources, and connection to the community.  We will show you how to center equitable and anti-racist practices into every aspect of your organization. Through this journey, you will move forward into the organizations that you can be for the community needs you are positioned to serve.

Through each contract, equity and social justice will be focal points as we partner with you to navigate some of the following areas in an effort to heighten your organizational effectiveness. 


Follow these progressive options to achieve your full transformation! ​

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