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Transforming Nonprofits Through Anti-Racist Diligence


We fuel nonprofit transformation & excellence

via trusting relationships & anti-racist diligence.


Actively engaged & connected spaces that have lasting impact by

authentically leading the way toward inclusive communities that uplift social justice.


We Center Anti-Racist Diligence

With over 35 years of combined experience in the nonprofit sector, our team has witnessed and experienced the multifaceted impact possible when anti-racism is not the priority. The sector is a microcosm of America as a whole, & it cannot be untangled from the rise of capitalism & racism; this sector's history, like this country's, is deeply rooted in both.

Throughout our leadership journeys, we have confirmed the critical value of owning our parts of sustaining systemic oppression, actively engaging in continued learning, & making a lifelong commitment to continuously doing better.

At Ampersand, we strive to change the nonprofit sector to be diligent in its anti-racist approach in addressing systemic challenges, while building capacity to create change needed in our communities.

We do all of this work alongside you, knowing that being anti-racist
is a constant work in progress, not a place you'll ever arrive. 
We center anti-racism & due diligence around it each day.
We meet you where you're at & walk with you as you push the work forward.


& that is the Ampersand difference. 

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