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Photo by Michael B. Maine

forward by making public mistakes, bringing in expertise and resources from outside of the agency, in combination with my own instincts. I took risks, with support, and I wasn’t afraid to do things differently, from speaking at large events or throwing on some rubber boots if the toilets flooded; but that may just be the midwesterner in me.

I have a BA from Michigan State University & a JD from Loyola University in Chicago. I practiced law as an Assistant Attorney General for 4 years litigating child abuse, neglect, & foster/childcare licensing cases. I proudly serve as a board member for the National Diaper Bank Network, King County Children Youth Advisory Board, & Verity Credit Union.

Most of what I have learned in life is from the times I simply showed up…willing.

Nancy Woodland

I served as the executive director for over a decade at a thriving nonprofit, and led growth from 2 employees to 25 in the time that I was there.

In my time, I got to constantly fine-tune my leadership skills, and worked alongside incredibly engaged and capable staff, board members, community supporters, & volunteers who were mostly white; and we carried out a mission to support a population that is mostly people of color. 


I am a wife, mom to two almost-adults, sister, aunt, and friend. I am a learner, lawyer, and collaborator. I propelled a nonprofit

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