My career in the nonprofit sector has been surrounded mostly by white people, “serving” communities of color; this manifestation of the white savior complex cannot be overlooked. I have witnessed, and been culpable of, white people coming in with all the ideas on how to “fix” something, without ever listening to the people we are actually serving.

There are also many nonprofits centered on the community voice and grounded in their own values. This is the model I believe will create the lasting change we seek because it authentically manifests systematic change.

In order to see our values come to fruition we must stay nimble and curious. Through anti-racist centered and collective work, we can achieve the visions we hold

Photo by Cameron Moore

Erin Dury

After spending my entire adult life working in the nonprofit sector, I could no longer ignore the harm being conducted at the hands of the sector and the people leading it. At the same time, I know the nonprofit sector is a key player in creating real & radical systemic change.

I love jumping into the conversations & addressing the questions of how we can do better to serve our communities. It is critical that we are always looking outside of the traditional means of problem-solving in order to create sustainable solutions.