Transition & Change Leadership

Change is constant, whether it is anticipated or completely unexpected.

Ampersand Community is here to help you manage & respond to the
changes & transitions that come to your organization while prioritizing your values & community needs to the utmost.

Through the many aspects of nonprofit service from forming the 501(c)3, creating or closing out a valuable program offering, going through board structure evolution, or seeing the trends impacting how you need to show up in the community; we've got you covered.

Ampersand brings real-world experience, & the comprehensive, well-rounded understanding that is necessary to move your organization forward in balanced partnership.

Transition and Change Leadership services can include

Change Management Planning & Strategy Sessions 
Board Training & Development 
Policy & Procedure Review & Development 
Organizational Merger, Acquisition, & Dissolution Navigation 
Program Development & Assessment 
Board Recruitment & Retention

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