Our Values

At Ampersand, our work is values-driven, and each contract we take is a commitment to the change we want to see in the world. That's why beyond our anti-racist diligence, we know we have to live out our values in our words, thoughts and actions, and ask our clients to do the same. 


Both/And Mindset 

White supremacy culture is deeply rooted and has cultured us in an either/or mentality that suggests there is truly only one way to best move throughout the world. This duality can limit our thinking and make solution finding incredibly challenging, since many times the best solution is often found when considering half steps between the two extremes. 

The both/and mindset allows people to hold space for complex problems and solutions. understanding that some challenges do not have simple fixes. The nonprofit sector often provides opportunities where complex thinking is necessary to find customized solutions to unique challenges. With very few exceptions, the both/and approach is a critical lens through which to view the problem-solving process. 

The Fractal Effect
“What we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.” - adrienne maree brown

Nonprofits are perfectly poised to bring about radical change in America. Ideally, as a sector, communities would receive the resources and support needed from nonprofits to then lift their own voices toward creating system change for the greater good,

Since the nonprofit sector is a microcosm of the larger system in our country, it also reflects an imbalance of power, resource, and privilege. To effectively create the large systemic changes necessary, the work will require radical change and heavy lifting.

Ampersand Community works with individuals and the organizations they are a part of to address the personal and collective work necessary to “set the patterns for the whole system” to bring about the change we need to see for the good of our communities.